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Best Free Website Builder Software

Best Free Website Builder Software

Today you are able to use different techniques and tools, from using an open-source CMS such as WordPress along with free bootstrap themes, to using website building software.

Mobirise is one such website builder. Website builder software has a few advantages over a CMS. For one, you can make the web site without an Internet connection, and keep backups of your website in different stages. You can keep back-ups of your website in different stages of development, and overall you have more control over what gets published and when.

Mobirise is a newcomer to the world of website builders, but has quickly increased the popularity because of creating outstanding websites with no knowledge of coding required. One of the reasons it has attracted so much attention is due to it’s approach — it is essential an interface for modifying the popular and ‘mobile first’ framework Bootstrap.

There’s been a lot of interest in this free website software, and below we are going to roundup many Mobirise Website Builder Software reviews to help give you an overview of this application and find out if it’s the best approach for your website. 

Stumpblog website builder review

Sujoy Dhar is a professional blogger who writes about a variety of subjects at the website Stumbblog. In this Mobirise free website builder review, he pays extra attention to the fact Mobirise is user-friendly, and has a plain, clutter-free, interface. He commends free Mobirise for being useful even to individuals who are not good at programming and have no background in IT. He also praises the wide range of design options and the spontaneous editing tools.


Queness website design software reviews


In this post at Queness, Kevin Liew writes about the bootstrap slider, and how it is a great way to present an information. He goes on to list a lot of methods which can be utilized for editing the Twitter Bootstrap 4 Carousel. He reviews each of these tools, including Mobirise, as Mobirise provides the ability to add a carousel and customize it. In this website design software reviews he notes that Mobirise is one of the top ten website builders, and that you can design your carousel in this standalone, offline application even without an internet connection. He also points out Mobirise website design software is totally free. He goes on to review ten other best applications for editing the bootstrap carousel. 
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Codeonion website design software 
review and tutorial

Codeonion is a tutorial site that provides instructions on creative skills in code, design and web. Interestingly, the website was built with Mobirise! This codeonion tutorial helps you understand how to set up your first website using Mobirise. The tutorial takes what can be a dry subject, and makes it quirky and fun with the addition of doodles to each screenshot. He opens the tutorial by pointing out that with Mobirise website design software you won’t waste a lot of time, and that you can customize the HTML directly if you prefer. He goes on to suggest that you can use Mobirise to create your initial bootstrap templates, and then go on and edit them in another application such as CodeIgnite. He also provides some helpful support in the comments area.

PCAdvisor Review

Mike Williams reviews Mobirise for PCAdvisor, the UK’s foremost consumer and small-business targeted tech website. In this website builder software review he notes that Mobirise looks great, is genuinely user-friendly, and hassle-free. He does critique the lack of advanced customization options, but notes that this is what keeps the software extremely simple and effective to use. He also advises that some blocks have more creative applications than others, for example the Article block. He compares the overall look and feel of Mobirise to that of an app.

NetworkWorld Website Builder Review

Mark Gibbs has advised on product and service marketing for almost 30 years. He writes reviews about information technology for NetworkWorld, a website aimed at Network and IT Executives. In this web design software review he notes the advantage Mobirise has for people new to building websites — namely that it is free and is extremely easy to use to create good websites. He also focuses on the fact the software approaches the design from a ‘mobile-first’, responsive viewpoint by default, and that it is Retina ready. He compares Mobirise to EverWeb, which is a similar, but more expensive tool.

GizmoEditor Website Maker Review

Ric Manning is a freelance writer focused on ‘gadgets and gear’, he has been writing about gadgets since Atari. GizmoEditor is his website, in which he write reviews and articles about ‘gizmos’. In this free website creator review for GizmoEditor he notes how the world of website development has altered, and recognizes Mobirise as a key player in the suite of tools that allow drag-and-drop website development. He points out that Mobirise is likely one of the fastest editors to produce embedded playable videos — allowing you to simply take a YouTube url and drop it into place. web design software review

Tom Green is a Graphics Software Expert. He writes for Graphicsoft, the Graphic Software section of, the popular website that covers almost every topic you can imagine. In this web page design software review he discusses how Mobirise has the potential to be an industry pioneer due to being a GUI for the Bootstrap 4 framework. He notes that the software is very new, and still in a beta phase, so he does not provide an overall rating. Instead he labels Mobirise as ‘one to watch’, due to the radical approach to website building.

Cecdesign – best free website builder

I have found a new application for designing web pages that really amazed me: it is called Mobirise and lets you create a web page without programming skills and adapts the contents to look good at the mobile! I’ve been testing this application and it has surprised me even more, because it is very easy to use. Do you want to know how this application work?

Just download Mobirise from the official site. There is no difficult interfaces or quirky menus, everything is visual. To add a new block just click on the ‘Add block’ button situated in the lower-right corner, then you can drag and drop as many blocks as you want. Now click on the ‘Preview’ button and enjoy your website! I think it’s a best free website builder.

Creativetopix free website builder review

Mobirise team givies away this extremely simple, free and easy for use responsive website builder. 

It is an easy way to develop a responsive website using drag and drop blocks. It has some limitations and there are a limited amount of different block and styles, but if you are going to make a really outstanding responsive web site without having to edit the distinct design, Mobirise is the best website builder software for you.

Download it now because someday Mobirise could become into a paid application. 

Designermag website builder review

The period of creating huge amount of code just to have a plain website running have passed, at this time everyone is able to develop a website with a really few experience in programming. This is possible because of useful utilities like Mobirise – a unique and best website builder that is absolutely free to use! There are many website makers available in the world wide web, but not all of them can give the functionality and features that Mobirise provides you with, so we surely recommend you to try this awesome website builder. The most important thing is that the websites which are made with the help of Mobirise are completely responsive!

I-won website builder review

Nowadays everyone can create a professional bootstrap-based website with the help of free Mobirise Bootstrap Builder. This is a new application which allows to build a website in just a few minutes without any HTML and CSS skills. You can check it yourself by downloading Mobirise website app on the official website. The download and the whole program are totally free. 

There are 3 versions available: for Mac, Windows and Android. The installing process is usual as for any other program. The default folder for the installation is ‘Program Files’ and after the installation you will see a Mobirise icon on your desktop.
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WebsiteZero Web Design App Review

Ok, I’ve have found the best website maker, let’s try to create the first page..

Rsload top website builders review

If you want to have a personal website but you really understand nothing about web development, Mobirise application can help you with it. Now you can create a website with just a couple of mouse clicks, you have to insert the blocks with content and then modify the contents to fit your needs.

The program will display your website in real-time, so you will be able to see how it will look in the browser just after adding the blocks, plus you can customize it for a variety of display screens and mobile devices.

You can add your own background images, text and links, the rest is already there, just change the order. Click on the ‘Add block’ button in the right corner to add as many blocks as you wish. After creating the site you can export it to HTML or upload instantly to your FTP server.

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