Facebook Advertising Growth Gigs

$1,498.00 $789.00

  • We’ll setup or takeover YOUR Facebook campaigns and run them for your brand (if existing)
  • We’ll identify and assist in choosing a goal that fits your business needs (branding, awareness, consideration, conversion)
  • This growth gig can support up to $2,000 in Facebook advertising spend
  • Complete setup or restructure of campaigns
  • Advanced targeting and bid strategies
  • Ads and creatives will be created
  • Can take up to 14 days to setup and at least 1 month for data/results
  • Can be used on one Facebook ads account only
  • Top Growth Marketers working on your campaigns


Do you want to attract more leads and sales for your business? Do you want to build awareness for your brand?

Facebook advertising can do all of those things for you.



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